Islandora, Open Source built on a Strong Foundation

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Islandora, Open Source built on a Strong Foundation

Islandora is more than just software. There are a lot of dedicated people who contribute to Islandora’s success, brought together under the umbrella of the Islandora Foundation. The Islandora Foundation is a community driven non-profit that serves several key roles in the Islandora Community. These roles include:

  • Maintaining official documentation 
  • Managing release cycles
  • Coordinating and promoting conferences and other events 
  • Creating educational material including training videos  
  • Maintaining and managing communication channels for the community including Twitter, Google Groups, and Slack channels 

The Foundation is financially supported through membership fees. There are three membership tiers: Member, Collaborator, and Partner. The PALS office supports the Foundation at the Collaborator level. 

The Islandora Foundation manages the Islandora community and provides resources necessary to ensure Islandora remains a strong, viable digital asset management solution.  The execution of these goals occurs through the work of three different groups: 

  • The Board of Directors helps provide direction for these goals and legal advice.  
  • The Coordinating Committee acts as the operational governing committee for the Foundation’s activities. Because of our membership in the Foundation, we have a representative on the Coordinating Committee. 
  • The Technical Advisory Group reports to the Board of Directors and provides recommendations on the architecture and evolution of the technical roadmap for Islandora. Their recommendations are driven by stakeholders and often discerned through community surveys.  

The Foundation also has two full-time staff members, a Project & Community Manager and a Technical  Lead. 

The Islandora Foundation brings disparate aspects of the Islandora community together and ensures that they work together smoothly. It also helps ensure that technical releases happen on time and regularly and manages essential communication channels. It is an essential part of Islandora’s success as a digital asset management solution. 

Fun Fact: In 2018 archaeologists discovered the foundation of an 1800 year old Roman library in Cologne Germany.



  • Alex is the Digital Initiatives Librarian for PALS and has worked with Islandora since 2013.

  • Rod is a System and Networking Administrator at PALS and the Technical Lead for Islandora.


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