Who We Are

MnPALS has provided Minnesota Libraries with individualized support, advanced knowledge, and unyielding experience for nearly 40 years.

The Minnesota Program for Automated Library Systems (PALS) provides solutions to help librarians preserve and share information across library systems. By creating and maintaining integrated systems for information access, the PALS team has established itself as a leading library partner in Minnesota and the greater Midwest for nearly 40 years.

PALS serves all Minnesota State college and university libraries, as well as private college and university, state government, public, school, and special libraries on a contract basis. Committed to fostering community and developing lasting relationships, PALS is a catalyst for the development of library systems statewide, empowering our customers to focus on what matters most: their students, classes, and administrative work.

Fast Facts

  • PALS serves more than 305,000 patrons
  • The PALS database contains more than 10 million items, 6.3 million of which are bibliographic records


Overcoming Challenges

Our team works diligently to meet your needs, answer your questions, and keep your library systems up to date, providing the resources you need to advance knowledge at your institution and beyond.

What We Offer


Growing Communities

PALS attains high levels of achievement by providing individualized attention and support to all customers. Through services that make information accessible at every touchpoint, PALS paves the way for libraries to make effective use of global resources at their own libraries.

Our Mission

Providing Answers

We pride ourselves on providing answers to all your questions. Check out our FAQs to learn more about our service offering.