Emergency Procedures

If you are experiencing an Urgency Level 1 problem with a PALS service please follow the emergency procedures below to receive the most expedient resolution to the problem.


Urgency Level 1 means that the entire system is down, either for one library, a few libraries, or all libraries. No work can be done by your staff, and/or access is unavailable. Data integrity may be compromised and work in progress may be lost.

  1. Enter the problem into the PALS Support Center and click the radio button labeled: The software (Alma, Islandora, EZproxy, or SubjectsPlus) is down. While it is not required to enter a request into the PALS Support Center, it will help us efficiently track the problem.
  2. Record the reference number for the ticket you entered into the Support Center.
  3. Contact the PALS Support phone number (507.389.2000).
    • During PALS Office Hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) provide the PALS Support Center reference number and explain that it is an emergency.
    • Outside of PALS Office Hours, you will be directed to press "1" for emergencies to be connected directly to PALS on-call staff.


      Please do not email PALS Support staff directly with an emergency. Email is not regularly monitored outside of office hours.