Enhancing Digital Asset Management

Islandora is an open source digital asset management system that preserves, manages, and showcases your institution’s unique material.

When it comes to preserving your library’s assets, you can’t afford to take risks. What happens when paper becomes unreadable, or audio and video content becomes inaccessible as devices become obsolete? There is a growing need to preserve and have information easily accessible. PALS makes that happen by helping implement Islandora.

Getting Started

Start small. When implementing a digital asset management program, look for a high-value, high-impact collection such as an alumni newsletter, a set of yearbooks, or photographs. Developing and showcasing this collection can be an optimal way to gain key support that can move you forward with a digital repository initiative. Southwest Minnesota State University did this by first digitizing their alumni newsletter, which resulted in a successful partnership with the Southwest Minnesota State University Foundation.

Multiple Types

The Islandora digital asset management solution supports multiple formats including photographs, audio files, streaming video, newspapers, yearbooks, publications, oral histories, course catalogs, open educational resources and more. It’s also possible to load and store Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel databases, .zip files, Access files and others.

Demonstration Sites

Get started exploring a digital asset management solution now. PALS offers a free demonstration repository for those interested in exploring Islandora as their digital asset management solution. PALS can help load some materials onto the demo site, so you can get a feel for what it’s like using Islandora. Then you can share this material with anyone as a way to build support.

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Islandora Sandbox

Visit the Islandora Sandbox and create a demonstration site to get a feel for how Islandora can work for you. The demonstration environment illustrates the basic functionality of Islandora’s latest releases, and is accessible for both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7.

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Sharing Stories

Stay up-to-date on the PALS community and gain valuable insight into resources to help you manage your assets, including: guidelines, grant opportunities and more.

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Introducing Islandora

Learn more about Islandora and how it might work for you.



Supporting Growth

Learn firsthand what Islandora can do for you. We offer online and in-person demonstrations of Islandora.

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Providing Answers

We pride ourselves on providing answers to all your questions. Check out our FAQs to learn more about our service offering.