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Islandora by PALS

We provide expert hosting, support, and development services to empower critical digital repository work with Islandora

Do you need help with Digital Asset Management?

Do you have boxes of old resources you want to make available online? Maybe you have formats that are inaccessible or in danger of becoming obsolete. Maybe you don’t have a system at all or you’re ready to switch from your current system.

Whatever your reason, wouldn’t it be great to have your valuable assets stored in a system where:

  • People can find what they need
  • Items aren’t lost or damaged
  • You don’t have to manage the software or hardware

Is Islandora the Digital Asset Management system for you?

  • It supports multiple formats including photographs, audio files, streaming video, newspapers, yearbooks, publications, oral histories, course catalogs, open educational resources and more.
  • It is also possible to load and store Microsoft® Word documents, Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft® Excel databases, .zip files, Microsoft® Access files and others.

PALS would Love to Help You

Sure, you can use Islandora on your own, but we can make the process faster and smoother. We have been doing this since 2013 and we currently host Islandora for 10 institutions. Read more about some of them here.

We provide ongoing support and are happy to develop new functionality for you. One of our most popular development features is the exhibits module, which highlights resources in a more interactive way. See it in use at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

In addition, we host Opendora, which is the Minnesota State repository for open educational resources.

Ready for a demo or quote or just have questions?

Praise from our Partners

“Regardless of the quality and capability of the software package embodied in Islandora the real key to success in a project is the dedication of the team we got to work with. The staff at PALS provided the skills, attention, and flexibility necessary to complete this complex project on time.”

Steve Roos
Minnesota Water Research Digital Library