Using the PALS Support Center

About the PALS Support Center

PALS uses customer relationship management software to track support requests, host documentation and publish answers in a knowledge base. The software consists of a web-based end user interface for our customers and a web-based agent interface for the PALS staff. The software allows us to efficiently move your support requests to the appropriate PALS staff and to publish answers to frequently asked support questions.

Navigating the Support Center

Logging In

  • You must have a registered account to log in to the PALS Support Center.
  • If you are new to the PALS Support Center, you need to request an account with PALS.
  • Upon requesting an account with PALS, you will receive an automated message with a link to "Finish Account Creation."
  • If you forget your username or password, follow the Forgot your username or password? link on the login screen. You can have your username emailed to the address you have on file and/or can reset your password and receive an emailed link to create a new password.
  • Both your username and password may be changed once you are logged in.

Before Submitting a Request – Other Help

System Down Emergency Help

  • While it is not required to enter a request into the PALS Support Center, it will help us efficiently track the problem.
  • If you do enter a request, check the box next to The software (Alma, Islandora, EZProxy, or SubjectsPlus) is down
  • Record the reference number.
  • During PALS office hours (8-4:30, M-F), call the PALS Support Center phone number (507-389-2000); explain that it is an emergency and provide the dispatcher the Support Center reference number, if you have one.
  • Outside of PALS office hours (8-4:30, M-F), call the PALS Support Center phone number (507-389-2000) and follow the instructions provided on the voice message.

Other Ways to Contact PALS

  • It is not required to first enter a request into the PALS Support Center, but it will help us efficiently track the problem.
  • Call the PALS Support phone number (507-389-2000). Provide the reference number of your Support Center request, if you have one. Otherwise, explain the issue to the dispatcher, who will enter a request in the PALS Support Center for you. If the Support Specialist assigned to your request is available, you will be connected. If not, they will be notified to contact you to follow up.
  • Email the dispatcher at (link sends e-mail). Provide the reference number of your Support Center request, if you have one. Otherwise, explain the issue to the dispatcher, who will enter a request in the PALS Support Center for you and assign it to the appropriate Support Specialist.
  • NOTE: Calls or emails directly to individual PALS staff may not result in the quickest resolution of your request. If an individual staff person is not available, your request will be escalated most efficiently if it originated in the PALS Support Center. While individual staff emails or voicemails are only monitored by that individual, multiple PALS staff have access to and are monitoring requests through the PALS Support Center.

Searching 'Answers'

  • After logging in, click the Answers tab to access and search for answers to previously asked questions and/or documentation.
  • When first accessing the Answers tab, all answers are displayed in the list on multiple pages. Pages of answers may be scrolled through using the navigation tools at the bottom of the page.
  • The default sort of the “all answers” list is on the last updated date of the answer, in descending order (most recently updated first). 
  • Specific answers may be found by using the "Search our knowledge base" box at the top of the page. Type keywords, phrases, questions, or the answer number, if known, in the search box. 
  • Search terms are stemmed by default (e.g. “record” retrieves “records” and “recording”).
  • If multiple terms are entered in the Search box, answers with any of the terms will be retrieved, but answers containing multiple terms will be listed first.
  • Answers marked “New” have been created in the last 30 days. Answers marked “Updated” have been updated in the last 90 days.
  • To display the entire answer, click on the bolded title. Answers may be rated by answering the question “Was this answer helpful?” in the display of the entire answer. If the answer was not helpful, you may submit a feedback message to us.
  • If a particular answer doesn’t seem helpful, you may find more help in the answers listed in the section “Related answers."

Submitting a Request Using 'Ask a Question'

  • After logging in, click the Ask a Question tab to submit a request.
  • Required fields are Subject and Question.
  • Send one problem per request; this allows the specific question to be directed to the appropriate Support Specialist.
  • Attachments may be included in the Attach Documents section.

Include as much information as possible or appropriate, such as:

  • Appropriate software platform/functional area
  • Provide examples of the problem
  • Record ID numbers; ex. Bibliographic/Holding records, Item/Patron barcodes
  • Screenshots
  • Document the process you were using
  • Text of error messages
  • Can the problem be duplicated? In more than one browser? With different log-ins?
  • When did the problem first start occurring and with what frequency?

  • Once your request has been submitted, you may manage it in the Your Account tab.
  • Your requests can only be accessed by you or someone at your organization. They are not accessible to other organizations.
  • When your request is updated by a Support Specialist, you will receive an email notification. You can update your request by simply replying to that email. You may also respond by following the link to the Support Center in the email and updating the request there.

Managing Requests in 'Your Account'

After logging in, click the Your Account tab to manage your requests. From there, you can manage your account using the links on the right side: 

  1. Update your account settings
  2. Change your password
  3. Manage your notifications
  4. Logout

  • Click on the My Support Questions link to access and update your support requests/questions.
  • You can search your support requests/questions using the Search box. You can limit the search to “Only my incidents” or to requests “From anyone in my organization."
  • To return to the entire list of your support requests/questions after limiting by a search, clear the Search box and click the Search button.
  • The default sort of the list of support requests is on the Date Created of the support request, in descending order (most recently created first). You can also click on the column headers to sort by that parameter and to sort by ascending/descending order.
  • To update your request, open the request by clicking on it. You can add additional information in the text box or add attachments. If you do not wish to close the request, choose “Yes, please keep this request open” and click Submit to send the update.
  • If you wish to close the request, you may enter a response and choose “No, please close this request” and click Submit. This will send your response and close the request.


If you have a question regarding the service you have received please contact PALS via phone. Please include the reference number of the Support Center request that you would like to follow up on.

PALS Support Center