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OCLC and Importing Bibliographic Records

Importing Bibliographic Records

Workflows and Configurations

Sets and Jobs

Publishing to OCLC

Publishing to OCLC

Scan and Toss

  • Scan’N’Toss (Word) / (pdf) – API developed at the PALS office to assist in the item withdrawal process. API creates an item set and a text file with OCLC numbers for the Connexion Client to delete WorldCat holdings.

Normalization Rules


Loading Electronic Records

  • Loading Films on Demand records (Word) / (pdf) – Import Films on Demand records to Alma to enable discovery in Primo.
  • Link to Instructional Video to add links to already existing bibliographic records. Please note display/faceting in Primo works best when loading a print bibliographic record and a separate bibliographic record for the electronic version of the title. Accompanying ppt.
    • Loading Electronic Records (Word) / (pdf)– Learn everything you need to know about loading electronic records to Alma. Load electronic type of bibliographic records to create portfolios in Alma. Includes short instructional video and PowerPoint with notes.

Harvesting Repository Records to Alma Primo

Using Electronic Government Documents from the Network Zone

General Clean-Up

Localizing local fields from the Network Zone to the Institution Zone (Word) / (pdf) – Learn how to move Alma local fields from the Network Zone to the Institution Zone.

Delete no title records from PALS – Perform a physical title, Keyword search No Title in PALS. These records were present in PALS, then Aleph, and now Alma. Most of the records do not have call numbers associated; Delete the bibliographic records from Alma. Save the Query -> Enter a Set name -> SaveAdmin -> Run a Job -> Withdraw Items Job -> choose the set -> select “Delete holdings; delete bibliographic records that have no other holdings” -> option to further limit by requests or work orders. These records are old and will not have any active requests associated with them. My recommendation do not select any boxes related to requests or work orders -> Next  -> Submit -> Confirm.

Fix Aleph Locations in Alma – Clean-up Unassigned and Error locations migrated from Aleph. Fixing Unassigned/Error locations, Physical Titles Search -> Permanent Physical Location = Unassigned also check Error location. Changing locations one at a time: Click on Physical -> Holdings.