Book a 1:1 with Etta

Available Sessions: Select desired time frame for session (30/45/50 mins). Then select desired topics: circulation, requests, patron or staff managment, notices/letters, PLIF/ISRS, inventory, course reserves, digitization. 
Other services: Request for Training (1 hr); Virtual Visit (1.25 hrs), Fulfillment Audit (1.75 hrs)

Getting Started:

  • Test configurations and practice using Alma & Primo VE with our three sandboxes: Large, Medium & Small. For all of the Sandbox links and the shared user names with the passwords, see Answer #4146.
  • All our environments are hosted on NA04, to review their status see Ex Libris System Status.

Some of the answer and webinar links will require staff to be logged into the PALS Support Center to view them.

Physical Inventory:

Item Management:

User Management:



Notices & Letters:


Fulfillment Network:


Helpful to Know (Not Alma specific):

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