Electronic Resource Management

Getting Started

Here are some resources for those new to Electronic Resource Management. These resources are also useful to those who need a refresher or need to learn more about Alma and the Central Discovery Index functionality for Electronic Resource Management.

PALS Booking Page

At the PALS Booking Page, you can schedule consultation services, site visits, and specific one-on-one sessions related to ERM. Check out the available services today!

One-on-One Institutional Collection Activation Review Sessions


Managing Community Zone Collections that Are Also in the Central Discovery Index

Managing CZ-Activated Collections

Managing NZ-Activated Collections

  • Lesson: Working with NZ-Activated Collections (Answer 4329) – Learn how to search for NZ-activated collections in Alma, check your institution’s activations, view a collection’s portfolios, and request changes to your activations.
    • If you would like to change any of your activations, submit your requests via the Request for Modification to NZ-activated ELM Collections form. All collections are listed because there are quite a few with similar names. You need only select the collections you want to change. You can submit multiple activation and deactivation requests at the same time.

Managing IZ collections

Managing Collections – General Information for IZ and CZ collections