Partner Profiles

Augsburg University

The Augsburg University Archives site went live June 1, 2018. The site includes photographs, alumni magazines, yearbooks, campus histories, course catalogs, newspapers, special collections and Folkebladet. Folkebladet is a Norwegian language newspaper published at Augsburg University that ran from 1877-1952. It is available in Norwegian and is full-text searchable online.

“Augsburg University is excited to join other Minnesota institutions that are using Islandora through PALS. We have been CONTENTdm® users for over a decade, and our digital collections have grown to more than 2,700 digital objects. This year, we had the opportunity to re-evaluate our collections, and we chose to migrate our holdings to Islandora. In addition to the technical support provided by PALS, we chose Islandora for its customizability, its search interface and its capacity for user-submitted content. We are excited to migrate our collections by June 2018 so that Augsburg has a fantastic platform ready for our sesquicentennial celebration in 2019,” Stewart Van Cleve, Digital Archives and Research Services Librarian, Augsburg University.

Please explore Augsburg University’s digital archives.

Bethany Lutheran College

PALS began working with Bethany Lutheran College in January 2017. Staff at BLC looked at several digital asset management options, and “Islandora rose to the top with the most potential for versatility and ease of use.”

PALS first loaded panoramic style photographs of the BLC student body and faculty that dated back to 1933. These images are part of the All Campus Photos collection. This collection and others now provide an invaluable resource and glimpse at BLC’s past. Explore photographs, yearbooks, the Scroll newspaper, and choir recordings.

“These recordings have been requested by alumni since before Bethany launched Islandora, so they are highly anticipated and are expected to receive enormous interaction. When testing the files on the development site, archivist Erling Teigen said he was excited to get home and really turn up the volume! The collection will be a wonderful addition to the digital archive,” Alyssa Inniger, Director of Library Services, Bethany Lutheran College.

BLC continues to actively add material such as photographs, scrapbooks, newspapers and more.

The College of St. Scholastica

PALS has worked with The College of St. Scholastica to build their repository, The Quarry, which includes a wide variety of material from all departments across campus.

Currently St. Scholastica has photographs, college governance documents, college life photographs, and publications from 1903 to the present.

Luther College

Luther College has worked with PALS to load several publications for their repository. These are the faculty journal Agora, the campus newspaper, College Chips and yearbook, The Pioneer. Additionally, Luther College is incorporating Islandora into their records management practices. For more information on the policies, see slides from a presentation by Hayley Jackson at the 2018 Islandora Workday held at Luther College.

Luther College hopes to use Islandora as part of their digital preservation strategy, supporting records management policies through collecting and preserving essential college records. These records include correspondence, meeting minutes and similar material. Records management is another valuable use for the Islandora open source digital asset management solution.

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato's digital archives are available on ARCH.

PALS’ partnership with Minnesota State University, Mankato began by migrating 7,000 plus photographs from CONTENTdm® to Islandora. PALS also loaded Minnesota State Mankato’s newspapers into Islandora at this time.  Work continued on photographs, newspapers, and then yearbooks. Minnesota State Mankato became the first site to load streaming videos in 2015.

The first video collection was Vikings Stories and proved Islandora's flexibility and ability to meet local needs.  2015 was the 50th Anniversary of the Minnesota Vikings Training Camp, which takes place at Minnesota State Mankato. Minnesota State Mankato had a partnership with the Blue Earth County Historical Society and wanted to document training camp, by interviewing fans and players on video. They asked us if it would be possible to do this on Islandora. Within a few days PALS had set up a collection and Minnesota State  Mankato staff were able to record 147 videos during camp. They used an "iPad on a stick" (monopod) and recorded interviews of fans. Within 72 hours of making a video, they were able to have it available online.

This experience enabled Minnesota State Mankato to do the same for homecoming. The collection is titled Homecoming Stories, 2015.

PALS also developed some features with Minnesota State Mankato that are now available for all our sites: Social media sharing, "My Favorites" bookmarking, collection browse and statistics. For statistics, PALS uses the open source tool Piwik, now called Matomo. Matomo is similar to Google Analytics but is open source.

Also, PALS participated in several presentations at conferences with Minnesota State Mankato, further building our partnership.

See the following articles for some recent additions to Minnesota State Mankato’s digital repository:

Minnesota Water Research Digital Library 

In May 2018 PALS and the Minnesota Water Research Digital Library (MnWRL) launched their online digital repository. MnWRL is PALS’ first state agency and PALS hopes that this project can show how this can be a success for other Minnesota State agencies.

Please see this article to learn more about the Minnesota Water Research Digital Library and our work with them.

Northwestern Health Sciences University

PALS began working with Northwestern Health Sciences University in January 2018. Our first project with them will be completed in early September 2018 and consists of loading numerous photographs. These images depict college life, events, faculty, administrators, students, marketing material, and photographs from the University’s earlier years.

“We look forward to joining the PALS Islandora community so that we can create and preserve historical collections and make them available to our university community, and be able to collaborate with other institutions who are also building and maintaining digital collections. Islandora provides the hosting and support we need to move our digital assets to a long-term solution,” Susan Vossberg, Library Director, Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Southwest Minnesota State University

Southwest Minnesota State University was our first partner. They, along with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, worked on a beta project to test Islandora's viability in 2012.

During the beta project, SMSU digitized their alumni newsletter, Focus, with the goal of gaining support and additional funding. In choosing Focus SMSU hoped to build a partnership with the SMSU Foundation departments on campus during the project.  SMSU succeeded and they were able to secure funding.

"We opted to start by digitizing our university’s alumni news magazine. This was an ideal publication to begin our initiative with as it reaches a wide audience, contains valuable information on many aspects of our university, and has been consistently published since 1980. I worked with our University Foundation office to secure grant funding to get the initiative off the ground and continue communication with our Alumni Director on ways to promote and support the digital archives,” Pam Gladis, University Librarian, Southwest Minnesota State University.

Explore SMSU’s archives online including collections of news articles, academic catalogs, college founding documents, Southwestern Symposium oral histories, and the alumni magazine, Focus.

Pam Gladis leads the project with assistance from library technicians and occasionally student interns, which shows that Islandora works well for a small staff.

St. Cloud Technical & Community College

St. Cloud Technical & Community College's first goal was to load their accreditation materials so they would be easily accessible when needed. They also wanted to load a wide variety of materials in several formats such as photographs of an edible book contest, college videos, photos of administrators, college catalogs, master facilities plans, and college governance documents, The library did not have an archive of historical materials before working with PALS, so they consider the project a huge success, enabling them to fill a critically important need for the college.

"We love it (Islandora) and firmly believe it will be a very important resource for the campus in the years to come. We are capturing a lot of history of the campus and our community that could have otherwise been lost,” Vi Bergquist, Chief Information Officer, VP of Information Technology Services, St. Cloud Technical & Community College.