Partner Profiles

Profiles on a few of our partners.  We currently work with:

Southwest Minnesota State University (Marshall, MN)

Southwest MN State University was our first partner.  They, along with Minneapolis College of Art and Design, worked with us when we put out a call for beta partners to test Islandora's viability.  The beta project began in 2012.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design tested a variety of materials during the beta period.  Though they did not use Islandora, they were still impressed with its functionality.  Aimee Brown, the Archivist at MCAD, said:

"The MCAD Library staff is excited about being involved in the development stage of an open source DAM system that can be scaled to a broader consortium.  We are learning a lot through this process and the PALS staff has been wonderful to work with."

During the beta project, Southwest MN State University digitized their alumni newsletter, the Focus, with the goal of gaining support and additional funding.  They also hoped to build partnerships across campus during the project.  They succeeded and were able to secure funding, and became our first partner.

"We opted to start by digitizing our university’s alumni news magazine. This was an ideal publication to begin our initiative with as it reaches a wide audience, contains valuable information on many aspects of our university, and has been consistently published since 1980.  I worked with our University Foundation office to secure grant funding to get the initiative off the ground, and continue communication with our Alumni Director on ways to promote and support the digital archives.”  - Pam Gladis, University Librarian, Southwest Minnesota State University.

Southwest MN State University's Digital Archives are now available to the public, and they have newspapers and their alumni newsletter online.

Working with Southwest MN State University has proven to us that Islandora is a viable solution for institutions with small staff.  Throughout our partnership, Pam Gladis has been the lead on the project, and she has at times had a few student workers or techs.

Minnesota State University-Mankato (Mankato, MN)

MSU-Mankato's digital archives are available on Arch.

Our partnership with MSU-Mankato began by migrating 7,000+ photographs from ContentDM to Islandora.  MSU-Mankato also had newspapers in Mankato, but MSU-Mankato decided early on that they wanted to start over with newspapers and load them directly into Isalndora rather than migrating.

After migrating we continued to work on photographs, then newspapers.  In addition MSU-Mankato has yearbooks and two unique collections of streaming video.

The first of the video collections was "Vikings Stories" and proved Islandora's flexibility and ability to meet local needs.  2015 was the 50th Anniversary of the Minnesota Vikings Training camp, which takes place in Mankato at Minnesota State University.  MSU-Mankato had a partnership with the Blue Earth County Historical Society and wanted to document training camp, by interviewing fans and players on video.  They asked us if it would be possible to do this on Islandora.  Within a few days we had set up a collection and MSU-Mankato staff were able to record 147 videos during camp.  They used an "iPad on a stick" (a selfie stick) and recorded interviews of fans.  Within 72 hours of making a video, they were able to have it available online.

This experience enabled them to do the same project for homecoming.  The collection is titled "Homecoming Stories."

We have also developed a number of features with MSU-Mankato that are now available for all our sites:  Social media sharing, "my favorites" bookmarking, collection browse, and statistics.  For statistics, we use the open source tool Piwik.  Piwik is very similar to Google Analytics, but is open source.

In addition we have done several presentations at conferences with MSU-Mankato, further building our partnership.

The College of St. Scholastica (Duluth, MN)

We have worked with The College of St. Scholastica to build their repository, The Quarry, for about a year and a half.  They want to include a wide variety of material from all departments across their campus.

Currently they have photographs, college governance documents, college life photographs, and publications from 1903 to the present.

St. Cloud Technical and Community College (St. Cloud, MN)

St. Cloud Technical and Community College began their digital repository with the goal of having their Accreditation materials available online.  They also wanted to have materials from across campus.  They now have everything from photographs of an Edible Book Contents to college governance documents.

"We love it Islandora and firmly believe it will be a very important resource for the campus in the years to come. We are capturing a lot of history of the campus and our community that could have otherwise been lost.

- Vi Bergquist, CIO, St. Cloud Technical and Community College

Winona State University (Winona, MN)

Winona State University is our newest partner.  Just recently we completed ingesting (loading) yearbooks and a set of photographs of campus art work on their site.  Their site is not yet available to the public.