Why Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management gives you full access to and control of the true value hidden with your data. What is that value? Stories.

Why Digital Asset Management?

Why should I be concerned with digital asset management? 

Digital Asset Management gives you full access to and control of the true value hidden with your data.  What is that value? Stories.

Your stories can be found within your unique materials: Photographs, publications, video files, research data, newspapers, newsletters, and more.   Digital asset management allows you to discover, create, preserve, and share your story.

We offer a solution that will allow us to build a unique repository that meets the needs of your institution: Islandora, an open source digital asset management system.

On this site we will share our experiences with Digital Asset Management. We also want to hear from you – what are your stories? Successes? Failures? Are you looking at a Digital Asset Management solution? What are your needs?  Please tell us your stories in the comment section below, or contact us at  We would like to share your stories as content on this site, but will of course not do so without permission.

We want to ensure that your digital assets are preserved.  Libraries and Archives are in a unique position to steward digital preservation and PALS can help support such initiatives. Our goal is to help you design a solution for Digital Asset Management that meets your needs.

We will provide consultation, training, and support throughout the entire process.  You will become a full partner in our community with access to our partners’ unique expertise and experience.  All current features will be available to you.

You will no longer be alone.  Digital Asset Management becomes much less intimidating when there is a community to help support your efforts. We will provide that.  When you have access to our community resources and knowledge, you can do more with less.

Through this site we’ll share our stories, offer advice and knowledge, to help you with digital asset management.