Circulation Policies

Circulation Policy and Procedure Statement on Universal Recognition by MnPALS Consortium Libraries of Other MnPALS Consortium Libraries Borrower's Cards

October, 1986, revised October, 2012

  1. All MnPALS Consortium libraries will recognize and use the patron identification cards of other MnPALS Consortium libraries. It is assumed that all MnPALS Consortium libraries recognize this policy, unless they opt out by notifying the MnPALS Consortium. Patrons will not be recognized at other MnPALS Consortium libraries if their home libraries opt out of recognizing the policy.
  2. Home libraries are defined as the libraries of the MnPALS Consortium participant institutions. Patrons are defined as registered users and staff at MnPALS Consortium participant institutions. The MnPALS online circulation system will verify that patrons are part of the MnPALS Consortium shared-patron database at the time of a circulation transaction.
  3. The patron's home library assumes the responsibility for its patrons in terms of assistance in retrieving overdue materials, contacting delinquent patrons, and paying lost material charges, excluding any fine charges, which cannot be collected from its patrons.
  4. Persons using a library other than their home library are expected to adhere to the policies and procedures of the library being used and will be considered "external" patrons at the library being used. In instances where priority is a factor in provision of service, priority will be given to the patrons and staff of the library being used.
  5. The overdue policies and procedures of the library being used will apply to any situations of overdue materials or other delinquent activity by a patron from another library.
  6. The normal notice procedures of the library with an overdue will be followed. Contact with the patron's home library will be made if the overdue situation is not resolved by the end of the normal notice procedures.
  7. This statement becomes effective on September 1, 1986, and will be annually reviewed by the Consortium of MnPALS Libraries Executive Committee.
  8. Procedural problems with implementation of this statement should be resolved between the libraries involved.