Participant Charges

Accepted April 16, 2020


This statement is subject to annual review prior to the start of the new fiscal year.

Cost factors affecting the schedule of charges will be analyzed by the PALS staff and reviewed by the Executive Committee on or about February 1. The charges will be changed as needed on the basis of this review.

Notice of any changes in charges will be emailed to each of the member libraries after review and prior to the start of a new fiscal year. No notice of change will mean continuance of the same schedule of charges in the next fiscal year.

Schedule of Charges for Current Consortium Libraries

Extraction of records

  • Physical: Bibliographic/Holding/Item records
  • Electronic: portfolio records not residing in the Community Zone
  • $500 for the setup and set extraction, $250 for each subsequent set

Batch Loading of bibliographic/holding, item, and portfolio records

  • $500 per library for initial setup and load
  • $150 for subsequent loads with the same configuration

Loading MARCIVE records

  • $800 per year per Library

Special programming or consultation by PALS staff beyond the scope of normal Alma support

  • $225 per hour with 1 hour minimum

Batch deletion of records

  • $500 per library for initial setup and load
  • $150 for subsequent loads with the same configuration

Custom reports and queries in Analytics specific to an institution

  • $250 per hour with 1 hour minimum

Custom API development for functionality specific to an institution

  • Dependent on scope of project

Training, instruction, and consultation (includes new training, retraining, and refresher classes.) Limit of 10 students per class.

  • At customer site: $1000 per day
  • At the PALS office in Mankato: $500 per day.

Proxy Server

  • $500 for setup and training, $700 annually for hosting, maintenance, and support.

Schedule of Charges for New Consortium Libraries if Service not Provided by Vendor

Print and electronic bibliographic data load which includes merging, editing, and loading initial database from OCLC records

  • Charge of $.05 per physical bibliographic record,
  • Charge of $500 per electronic collection,
  • Any additional vendor costs

*Additional charges will apply if special database programming and/or handling is necessary to convert records to an acceptable format for loading. Records must be in MARC standard format.


  • Charges as described in 4.I. above.

Charges for libraries that leave the consortium will be in accordance with each library’s contract terms. In the event that a library does not have withdrawal costs specified in their contract, the following charges will apply. Deletion of records and removal of configuration files and settings is mandatory.

  • $225 per hour for removal of configuration files and settings.
  • $.05 per record for each bibliographic, patron, holding, item, order, course reserve, vendor, or interlibrary loan records deleted from the MnPALS Network Zone.