Textbook Affordability Fair conversations

Textbook Affordability Fair conversations

Opendora: The all-in-one solution for the storage of open educational resources for Minnesota State

On Wednesday, April 10th, 2019, PALS attended the Textbook Affordability Fair held at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Even with a spring snowstorm in full force PALS spoke with numerous attendees about Opendora, a digital archive that serves as a central repository for open educational resources. Once logged in through D2L Brightspace, users can load their material including textbooks, lecture notes, syllabi, reading lists, and more. Opendora supports any format. Students can browse and download these resources from any internet connected device. Opendora is available with the intent to help students lower the costs of textbooks and ancillary materials related to their courses.

To learn more about Opendora visit, view the user guide, and FAQ.

For questions contact PALS.