PALS Support Center Quick Tips

When to call and when to place a request to the PALS Support Center

The best practice is to always put the request into the Support Center first. If the problem is an emergency or you feel you need to talk to a Support Specialist regarding the problem, follow up with a phone call (507.389.2000). Please have the reference number from your PALS Support Center request available.

Update your open requests

Log in, select the "Support History" section of the “Your Account” tab. You can search your requests or choose from the displayed list and open the request by clicking on it. You can add additional information in the text box or add attachments. Submit the updated information and the assigned Support Specialist will be notified.

Requests that you submit are visible only to you and staff at your institution

Answers that are visible to the public are written by the PALS staff and placed in the knowledge base.

Close your own requests

After receiving a response to a support request, you may want to send an acknowledgement of the response, but need no further action. First enter your text into the request. Then, in the “Do you want a response?” box, choose "No, I don’t need this question answered now.” and press Submit. This will send your response and close the request.

View requests for everyone in your organization

An Organizational View is available on the PALS Support Center. When you are logged in to the PALS Support Center, select the "Support History" section of the “Your Account” tab. In the Search area, you can choose to search incidents “From anyone in my Organization” or “Only my Incidents”. If the Search button is clicked with no terms entered in the Search box, all incidents will be displayed.


To view an attachment associated with a Support Center request, log on to the Support Center and open your question. The attached documents can be found linked to your support request in the File Attachment area.

Replying To Email from the Support Center

When your request is updated by a Support Specialist, you will receive email notification. You can update your request by simply replying to that email. You may also respond by following the link to the Support Center in the email and updating the request there.

Need Additional Information?

Check out the Using the PALS Support Center page for more information.