Resource Sharing – Best Practices for Pandemics

Resource Sharing – Best Practices for Pandemics


I hope this email finds you safe, sheltered, and healthy. As a representative of the MnPALS Resource Sharing Steering Committee, I am sharing the attached document, Best Practices for Pandemics. The Committee recently met and put together this list of suggested guidelines for MnPALS resource sharing libraries to follow during this unprecedented time. The best practices listed within are derived from the “Policy and Procedure Statement on Interlibrary Loan by MnPALS Libraries.” Please feel free to adopt and adapt these suggestions for your local use.

If you are interested in discussing this document and resource sharing practices during the pandemic further, consider attending tomorrow’s (4/29) MnPALS Meeting of the Minds at 1:30 PM. Look for the link in the email. I hope to see some of you there!

Take care,
The MnPALS RS Steering Committee
Colleen Deel, Wendy Gibson, Diana Lundell, Lauren Leighton, and Sonja Eilertson