Master Licensing Agreement for EBSCO products

Master Licensing Agreement for EBSCO products

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally completed work on an opt-in EBSCO master licensing agreement for Minnesota State libraries.

This optional agreement applies to all EBSCO products and has been approved by Dan McCabe in the Office of the General Counsel for Minnesota State. I will renew these agreements annually, with a goal of having them available by 5/1 each year.

I’m currently working with the System Office to identify a way to share this (and future) master licensing agreements centrally, but we’ll maintain them on our PALS SharePoint site as well so you can access them directly. You’ll need to login with your Minnesota State StarID and password, and from there you will be able to download the document.

Thank you for your patience while I forged this path. I presume the process will be easier going forward.

Johnna S. Horton
Executive Director of PALS