Looking ahead to Islandora 8

Looking ahead to Islandora 8

Planning for Islandora 8

PALS staff have begun 2020 focused on planning for and learning more about Islandora 8. Our understanding of Islandora 8 continues to grow, and a lot of research and learning remains. We are excited about the potential Islandora 8 represents: A complete shift to Drupal, including the integration of traditional objects. As a result, there is a myriad of new ways to present, display, and preserve objects – now called resource nodes – in the repositories. Data entry is now also done through Drupal forms, giving PALS greater control over this workflow. PALS staff will be working to ensure this process is both familiar and optimized within the new version. 

Migration target date November 2021: A time for metadata

PALS intends to have all sites migrated to Islandora 8 by the Fall of 2021. A critical part of a successful migration is to review and clean up metadata. Our target date gives everyone ample time to do so and we strongly encourage everyone to begin doing so now. PALS will be holding an office hour in February to discuss strategies for identifying metadata that needs cleanup. Please respond to this Doodle poll for possible dates. Office hours will continue every 1-2 months throughout the year.

In this together

A primary goal during the migration will be to bring sites together and empower collaboration and discussion. Please do not hesitate to submit questions through our mailing list or the support center. We will also be holding our 2020 Workday in August. Let us know if there are other ways we can continue to support you during this project.