Islandora Feature Highlight: Play ball with social media

Islandora Feature Highlight: Play ball with social media

A core benefit of digital asset management
One of the major core benefits to digital asset management is the ability to share and promote content. Through online repositories, libraries and archives can show their value to both administrators and students by actively promoting content through social media.  With the right social media sharing tools it can be fairly easy to showcase certain material.
For example, today is opening day for major league baseball (it is Spring, despite the few snowflakes outside today).  To share MSU-Mankato’s digital assets that have to do with baseball, it is a simple matter of running search, and then sharing that search over the social media site of your choice.   A search of baseball (in MSU-Mankato’s Arch) results in 1,696 results.  After conducting the search I can simply click on the familiar “Twitter” icon, and share the search result list:
Building partnerships through promotion 
This was just a quick and easy way to share something over social media.   More sophisticated promotion of materials can help build awareness and partnerships across campus.   Perhaps, for example, one could work with the Athletics Department to promote certain special material for next year’s opening day.  Or for when football season starts. Or you could work with the Marketing Department and coordinate promotional efforts.
Hopefully this shows how easy it is for our partners to showcase their digital material.  We highly encourage you to start thinking about ways in which you can promote your collections, and what partnerships you might be able to build while doing so.

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