"Dispatches from List Serv": Islandora Managed Access

"Dispatches from List Serv": Islandora Managed Access

Melissa Anez on recently posted some highlights regarding developments from the Islandora community list servs.  One we are likely going to take a look at is the Islandora Managed Access Module:

“In a nutshell, it allows for you to put certain objects behind a log-in wall without suppressing them from searching & browsing, and when a user tries to access one of these objects they get an explanation of why the object is restricted and a prompt to register an account with extra info that copyright holders/grant funders would need to know. All that data gets stored for later viewing on the backend. There are options for whitelisted IP ranges and automatic deletion of these users as well. Could be useful in a digital archive where copyright is an issue, or in an IR where there’s sensitive data around.”

See the YouTube demo here.

If we do test out Islandora Managed Access, we’ll be sure to let everyone know what we find out.