Alma Vanguard Data Extract Update

Alma Vanguard Data Extract Update

PALS received a vanguard library extract update from Dolph, our Ex Libris Project Manager, yesterday afternoon. Ex Libris has identified data extract issues that are important enough to address and needs to partially redo the data extracts for each vanguard library. It was agreed that the issues in question are too significant to let go unaddressed to make a meaningful data extract for testing.

Therefore, to be the least intrusive on your work and keep the project on schedule, they will redo the Inventory data extract for MSU beginning at 5 PM tonight. They will redo the Inventory data for the other three libraries (CSS, MCT, and MHS) starting at 5 PM on Thursday night.

We plan to leave all processes up while the extracts occur, but ALL libraries should limit batch jobs and activity as much as possible after 5 PM tonight and tomorrow night. MSU should not do any processing tonight. CSS, MCT, and MHS should not do any processing on Thursday night.

The good news is that all services should be up and running again on Aleph and normal activities can resume during the next two days until 5 PM. The vanguard extract is turning into a learning experience for Ex Libris . The goal is to fine tune the process before the full extract early next year.

Thank you to you all for your continued patience.