Alma/Primo UpdateMarch 23, 2018

Alma/Primo Update March 23, 2018

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Important activities and dates 

Recently Completed

  • Draft configuration forms

In Process

  • First data migration for all consortium libraries. This means that the state of Alma is in flux, with vanguard library data being deleted and replaced. This also means that the Primo search results are not reliable. Please keep this in mind if you are looking at Vanguard data. Results are unpredictable until everything is loaded and configured. Feel free to use the sandboxes during this transition.
  • First Primo workbooks
  • Finalizing configuration forms
  • Staff of all consortium libraries are viewing training videos

Up next

  • April 2-7, 2018: First data load available for review
  • Second Primo workbooks

Long Range

  • May 14-17, 2018: In-person Alma workshop for representatives from all consortium libraries at St. Paul College

If you’d like the full update that was sent to the MnPALS-Discuss list on March 23, 2018, click here.


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