Alma/Primo UpdateFebruary 22, 2019

Alma/Primo Update February 22, 2019

Looking for more than milestones? Find the full details including information about system availability dates here. 

    We are almost through February and are nearing a month of being in production on Alma and Primo. The PALS Staff continues to work our way through the Support Center Tickets you have submitted and will respond as quickly as we can. We appreciate your patience.

    Important activities and dates

    Coming Up

    • See the calendar for event details
    • Monday, March 4: Meeting with Yisrael Kuchar, the Primo VE product manager


    Training for the Consortium of MnPALS Libraries on the Alma and Primo software by the PALS staff resumed on February 4. Most of the training will be done via webinars. Sessions will be recorded for those that cannot attend or those that wish to review the training at a later time. In addition to the webinars, we are planning in-person training beginning in late March. We are finalizing room reservations, so the schedule should be out soon.

    A new session has been added to the schedule. Ex Libris staff members Daniel Peterson and Ben Grimshaw will present a webinar on Display Logic Rules on Monday, February 25, at 10:00. Please share this with the staff at your library that may benefit from this webinar.

    The training plan has now been updated through March 22 and you can find it here. Since 33 of our academic institutions are on spring break the week of March 11, there will be no training offered during that week.

    Meeting with Primo VE product manager

    Yisrael Kuchar, the Primo VE product manager, will be in Minnesota on March 4 to meet with PALS staff, members of the Discovery Work Group, and a few other library representatives that work with Primo. Agenda topics include how library users are using Primo VE and the most critical pain points that need to be addressed. Yisrael will also share plans for future development.

    MnPALS Alma Community mailing list

    The main purpose of the MnPALS Alma Community mailing list is to provide a place for you to discuss your use of Alma and Primo VE with other MnPALS members. This is an opportunity for MnPALS members to discover common issues and help each other solve them, as well as share helpful tips for use of Alma and Primo VE.

    This list is opt-in and it functions exactly like the MnPALS-Discuss list. The instructions for signing up are here:

    As always, if you have a software or workflow problem that you are unable to solve, continue to use the PALS Support Center.

    If you’d like the full update that was sent to the MnPALS Consortium on February 22, 2019, click here.