Alma/Primo UpdateSeptember 14, 2018

Alma/Primo Update September 14, 2018

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Important activities and dates 

Recently Completed 

  • 2018-09-07Test Load 2 completed, currently being tested. This “Mini migration” is being used to test migration fixes for 360 Link data, bib records with STA fields, and Z305 fields.  
  • 2018-08-16: Cutover and go-live dates set; Aleph Technical Services freeze – end of day 12/14/18 (Circulation and ILL remain available); data extract from Aleph to start 12/17, and data load on Alma to be completed 1/18/2019. Go-live scheduled for Tuesday, January 29, 2019! 
  • 2018-09-02: September Alma release installed on production (next release October 7) 
  • 2018-08-19: September Alma release installed on sandboxes (next release September 16) 

In Process 

  • Reviewing migrated data in Alma
  • Preparing go-live checklists for testing functionality 
  • Reviewing Primo VE functionality 

Upcoming training 

  • See the calendar for details
  • Tuesday, September 18 Webinar: Primo – preparing for spring semester bibliographic instruction (repeat of 9/14 session) 
  • Thursday, September 20 Webinar: ERM data review 
  • Thursday, September 27 Webinar: Primo Q & A 
  • Thursday, September 27 Webinar: Setting up Connexion 
  • Friday, September 28 Webinar: Acquisitions Information for Decision Making

If you’d like the full update that was sent to the MnPALS-Discuss list on September 14, 2018, click here.