Alma/Primo Implementation Update

Alma/Primo Implementation Update

Important Activities and Dates

Recently Completed

  • Final Primo configuration forms were submitted to Ex Libris for the four vanguard libraries
  • Data has been added to Primo for a first look for the vanguard libraries; Primo configuration is still in process
  • All consortium libraries have identified their implementation leads and the first implementation message has been sent to them
  • Implementation forms have been provided to all consortium libraries

In Process

  • Vanguard libraries, functional work groups, and PALS staff are reviewing the vanguard libraries’ migrated data
  • Functional work groups are continuing to describe workflows
  • Functional work groups are viewing training videos
  • All consortium libraries are completing their implementation forms

Up next

  • 12/6-12/8: Vanguard libraries and functional work groups in-person workshop with Ex Libris staff
  • 12/8: Completed implementation forms due for all consortium libraries

Long Range

  • January 18-19, 2018: In-person kickoff for the full consortium implementation (invitations have been sent to team leads)
  • December, 2017 – January, 2018: Staff of all consortium libraries begin viewing training videos and preparing for data migration
  • March, 2018: First data migration for all consortium libraries

Vanguard Update

The review of the vanguard libraries’ data is underway. We will use our experience with the vanguard data migration and review in planning for the data migration and data review for the full consortium. The vanguard phase will wrap up officially on January 12.

Workshop for vanguard libraries and functional work groups

On December 6-8, 2017, the vanguard libraries, functional work groups, and PALS Staff will gather for a three-day workshop with two staff members from Ex Libris. Our project manager, Dolph Chaney, and a trainer from Ex Libris will join us in Edina to review the vanguard experience, plan for the full implementation, and learn more about Alma functionality and workflows. We are looking forward to learning from our vanguard libraries and Ex Libris and planning next steps together. The results from this workshop will help to make the implementation in 2018 better for all of us.

Alma certification

As you begin to dig into the Alma resources provided by Ex Libris, you will run across a statement that says that each library will be required to have two staff members become certified in Alma in order to make certain changes to the Alma setup. Please do not be concerned about this if you are from a small library and this is not feasible for you. We have verified with Ex Libris that for some libraries, the PALS staff can stand in for them as certified Alma users. If you are able to have only one staff member become certified, the PALS staff will take the place of your second person. If you are not able to have any staff certified, the PALS staff can manage any setup that is required for your library.

Alma/Primo tidbits

If you currently do not use the following functions, or they are provided by add-on applications, note that they will all be available in Alma/Primo for all consortium libraries.

Acquisitions: Acquisitions is an integral part of the Alma workflow. If you have not been using the Acquisitions module in Aleph, you will use at least basic Acquisitions functions in Alma. We are working with Ex Libris to identify the best way to help you make this transition.

Comprehensive Discovery: Primo will provide a complete discovery solution to those libraries that have, up until now, been unable to afford one. In addition, it will be linked to the Alma catalog so that the bibliographic data will automatically be transferred to Primo.

Electronic Resource Management: All libraries will have ERM functionality integrated in Alma.

Open URL Link Resolver: Libraries will no longer need to purchase a separate application for linker functions. This capability is included in Alma.

Our number one goal is to achieve a successful implementation, but we will also strive to make it as easy as possible for you and as seamless as possible for your patrons.