A detailed Islandora introduction

A detailed Islandora introduction

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For those just starting to look at Islandora, please take a look at our detailed Islandora introduction.  Feel free to download, use, and distribute as you like.  Thanks to Melissa Anez and the Islandora community for the analogy of Islandora as a burger.  It really is a great way to describe the Islandora software stack.

Your own DAM Burger

Be sure to enjoy grilling your own DAM burgers as the Summer winds down!  After reading our introduction, hopefully you have a better idea about how you can get started on concocting your own DAM burger recipes.  For us and our partners Islandora is a strong, flexible solution that can meet your needs – you can truly make it your own DAM burger.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help you come up with a DAM solution using Islandora.



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