2019 PALS Islandora Workday

2019 PALS Islandora Workday

PALS will hold the next Islandora workday on August 16 at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota. For more information on the workday, click here. The workday is for current PALS Islandora partners. We are using this as a chance to discuss data entry form improvements, scanning technology, digital preservation, and photograph collection management. Our goal is to learn from each other and compile notes and ideas into eventual guidelines that can help everyone.

During the workday, PALS will provide a glimpse ahead at Islandora 8. Islandora 8 was formerly known as the CLAW project by the international Islandora community. Islandora 8 moves Islandora from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 and Fedora from 4 to 5. There are a number of exciting changes including:

  • Objects (resources such as photographs and videos) are stored in Drupal as nodes
  • Fedora is optional
  • Objects can be stored in Drupal and Fedora if desired, adding additional preservation
  • Use Drupal user interface to build data entry forms
  • Objects no longer aware of their Datastreams (derivatives) – a Drupal view lists Datastreams for an object (allows for more control over how derivatives can be displayed and managed)
  • Solution Packs/Content Models no longer determine how an object is displayed
  • Can display and manipulate lists of content in many ways including:

The major shift is that all Islandora content, including objects such as photographs, videos, audio files, and more, are now fully integrated with Drupal. This gives repository managers a lot more control over the content and how they display and behave. Islandora 8 represents a major, exciting change and PALS looks forward to bringing it to our community. We do not plan on moving to Islandora 8 for the next two years. This is so we can ensure all necessary features are available and ready for all our sites.

For example, there are still key features that need to be developed. Recently the international community voted and determined that the most important feature needed is support for books and newspapers (paged content). This was by far the most desired feature for the international community and for us as well. Because of this, there is a planned international community sprint tentatively scheduled for September 2019 to get this ready.

After support for books and newspapers, the following were found to be the most important and critical for sites:

  • Access restrictions and embargoes
  • OAI-PMH endpoint
  • OCR derivatives
  • Web accessibility
  • Search and discoverability improvements
  • IR support
  • MODS metadata display
  • Versioning
  • Dockerization

Read more about the results here.

This shows the amount of work involved in getting Islandora 8 ready, and that there is still a lot to go. It also shows that the international community is organized and determined to make Islandora 8 ready and viable for everyone. We are excited about the potential of this next version of Islandora and where it can take everyone.